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Wady Rum Jordan

Wady Rum is the well known film location for many great movies. It lies in the southern part of Jordan, within a distance of the Red Sea, and is a deserted area with great sceneries and massive sandstones.

During a short visit to Jordan, and my dear friend Mona Haddadin and her friends and family, we went on a great outdoor adventure, organized by the national heritage foundation; star watching, at the time when Mars was at the closest point to Earth, desert camping, no where near any technology, safari, traditional food, meeting the locals, and of course, a great company that made the experience an overwhelming journey.

Maher ∙ Mona ∙ Mai ∙ Omar ∙ Moussa ∙ Wissam

The 'FANCY' ride :P

Arrival - in the back of the 'Limousine'

Hold that smile ;)


Mai & Mona

Man! What was that slide all about?

Mona: Yeah, I know I am cute :P

Lovely and Cute, but... :X :P

Wissam, Mona & Mai

Aiming for the Stars

Desert Sceneries

28 & 29 August 2003 Wady Rum JORDAN